Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wedding Venue!

I LOVE my wedding location. As soon as I got engaged, I knew I wanted to get married at this location in my hometown. I thought I'd share a few pictures! Everything is located on the same property, which is so convenient for our guests, as well as me! I love that we don't have to worry about transportation for our guests.

Here is the hotel where everyone from out of town will be staying. I think it is so beautiful. It's also right on a golf course (which Michael loves).

Here is the old antebellum house next to the gardens, which will be open during the reception.

Here is the garden where the ceremony will take place.

And here is the garden where the reception will be. Imagine lots of beautifully set tables (we are having a seated dinner), flowers, and twinkly lights!

I absolutely cannot wait!


  1. Awww so pretty!! Everything looks so beautiful! You are going to have the best time :)

  2. so beautiful! its going to be perfect!

  3. It is lovely Missy! I cannot wait to see the tables. What china are you using and what are the tableclothes like?

  4. That place is so pretty for weddings I know it will be the most perfect day for you and Michael

  5. what a great place to have a wedding! very pretty! cant wait to see everything put together!