Friday, February 13, 2009

Preppy dress!

I've had my eye on this cute Banana Republic dress since it came out a few weeks ago. However, I know Banana Republic stuff ALWAYS goes on sale. It's a spring dress too, so I figured I'd wait till I saw it go on sale, since I won't be wearing it for at least a few weeks or so. Well, I got an e-mail yesterday that it was on sale! I went to BR after work yesterday and picked up for 50% was only $64! It was even cheaper in the store than it is online. I'm planning to wear it to a shower my mom's friends are throwing for me in March. I'll definitely be sporting it to work during the spring as well!


  1. I love this dress! Thanks for sharing that it's on sale!!!

  2. haha look at this post:

    i got it too, it is sooo cute!