Monday, February 2, 2009

Wedding Checklist

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was wonderful - lots of eating, relaxing, some Pat Green, and a Superbowl Party last night. I'm so tired today though - I need coffee ASAP!

Since I am at the tail-end of my wedding planning, I figured I would write a post about what I've gotten done and what's left to do.

  • Booked my location for the ceremony/reception LONG ago (last May) at a beautiful antebellum home and gardens in my hometown
  • Booked the photographer and videographer
  • Booked an amazing band
  • Booked a florist
  • Booked our cake vendor
  • Booked a harpist to play at our ceremony/cocktail hour
  • Bought my dress - picked it up in December!
  • Registered (one of my favorite parts :)
  • Sent out Save the Dates in late October
  • Ordered and received the wedding invitations
  • Ordered bridesmaids dresses
  • Booked my hair/make-up for the day-of
  • Ordered and received favors (going with the very popular koozies)
  • Bought 8 glass jars for our candy buffet (still need a few more)
  • Ordered materials to start making the Out of Town gift boxes

To do:

  • Have invitations addressed by our calligrapher
  • Cake tasting and consultation
  • Final catering tasting
  • Programs/menu cards
  • Purchase wedding bands
  • Buy a garter
  • Finish all our gifts for our attendants and families
  • Lots of little projects

So I guess I've gotten most of the biggest tasks out of the way (minus addressing the invitations). I'll definitely be posting pictures of wedding related stuff along the way. I'm sure I left a lot out as well. Anyone think I'm missing anything?


  1. gosh i loved planning my wedding! looks like you have been a busy girl! Thanks for the sweet comment : )

  2. cute blog! the one think i can think of off hand is seating chart. or did u say that?