Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Big Apple

Eeep...has it really been almost two months since I blogged! Lots has happened since then, including a wonderful trip to Seaside with my family, but I'm going to start with a trip I took to NYC with my mom a week ago!

Mom and I both love NYC and both enjoy doing the same things while there - seeing a show, eating and drinking, and a little shopping. We were there for three nights - it never seems long enough!

We started our trip with lunch at the National, which was wonderful:
Next, we decided to walk uptown and go in some stores on Madison Avenue...but we had to stop midway for a glass of wine, of course!
This is the adorable terrace outside the Tory Burch store on Madison Avenue - so cute!
Mom and I at lunch on Friday at the Island on the Upper East Side:
Of course Mom had to do some shopping at the Lilly store:
Enjoying some yogurt on the steps to the MET:
Taking a stroll through Central Park:
We saw a show Friday night and had a quick and tasty dinner at a Thai restaurant in the Theater District:
The show was AMAZING!
Saturday we spent the day downtown. Lunch was at Freeman's, a neat place in the Bowery:
We had an afternoon drink at a cute Italian wine bar in Soho:
And another afternoon drink, this time with cheesecake:
Saturday night, we had dinner at Perilla in Greenwich Village. It's Harold from Top Chef's restaurant and it was phenomenal!
Sunday, before we left, we had tasty brunch at Maialino, which is the Gramercy Park Hotel:
Last pic of the trip!
As you can see, we definitely wined and dined our way through the city, which is exactly what we both wanted from our trip. It was such a fun getaway. Next up - our beach trip!