Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Men in My Life

Since I seem to be surrounded by men in all parts of my life, I thought I would post some pictures of all my men!

Here is my Dad with my Mom. This was taken from a hike we took on a family vacation last summer. He looks pretty young, doesn't he!?
Here is my older brother, Chris. He's 27 - looking young runs in the family!
This is my younger brother, Scott. He's 20 and the baby of our family - he's away at college.
Here is the other baby of our family - our dog, Max! I just don't think you can find a better dog than Max. He's 4 years old and the sweetest dog in the world.
Here is my "new" dog, Bailey! He's Michael's Golden Retriever that will soon be mine, too! Bailey has just turned 2 years old, so he's not quite this small anymore. He's pretty cute, too :)
And of course, Michael!
I have to say, I like being the only girl (except for of course, my Mom and Chris's wife, Michelle)! Love you all! :)


  1. aww such a sweet post! those dogs are prec!

  2. omg those dogs are so cute! i want a lab puppy so bad, we may be giving in and getting one this summer!