Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So busy!

Sorry I haven't posted as much lately...I've been so busy!

I never got around to posting about the Bachelor from Monday night (warning: spoilers ahead). I was so mad! Jillian was my favorite, by far. I couldn't believe he sent her home - especially after that crazy hot tub scene! She was so confident, fun, and genuine (and her clothes were the cutest by FAR). I just LOVED her dress at the Rose Ceremony. Anyways, I have heard the "Reality Steve" gossip and I feel so bad for Melissa! While she was definitely not one of my favorites, I was still sad to hear what happens to her. I can't wait to see everything go down at the After the Rose Ceremony though. I'm going to be very disappointed in Jason if these rumors are true. I'm such a reality TV loser!

I'm headed to my friend's house, Mrs. Southern Belle, tonight for some wine and crafting :) Hopefully some trashy TV, too! We went together to a Body Core class at our gym last night and today I feel like I have cracked ribs. Getting in shape for the wedding is tough! :)

Sorry this post is so all over the place...I'll have a better one later. I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday night!

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  1. My ribs are definitely still feeling like I got Chuck Norris kicked in them... but I do think the wine helped!