Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dog Show

I am a loser. I admit it - I watched part of the Westminster Dog Show last night. The dogs are just so bizarre at these things! I initially just wanted to see all of the sporting dogs (since I love retrievers), but then I ended up getting sucked into watching all of these cute and/or weird dogs.

This spaniel (no idea what kind) was the winner. I think he's cute!
I just thought these dogs were cute. It looks like they're all squinting!
Ok, this is really the least manliest dog on the face of the earth. WHY would you ever do this to your dog?!
This dog sort of looks like a mop, don't you think?
These little guys sort of look like rats to me.
This was one of the cutest Golden Retrievers I've ever seen!! I wanted her to win so badly.

I also think the dog handlers are so strange. It was hilarious watching them run the dogs around! So, anyone else want to admit they watched the dog show?


  1. We watched a little of it too. Of course Brad was also cheering for the retriever. I had to point out that the golden on there was really pretty and well behaved and probably didnt live in someone's back yard!

  2. That black mop dog is hilarious! Does he have dreds or something??

  3. Such a fun blog =) I thought the winner looked super cute. I think I may need to get a dog! Not sure my boyfriend will agree though!

    Have a great day =)

  4. Cute blog! Just saw it while browsing another...

  5. I watched the Westminster too and was also hoping the golden would win! Aren't they the cutest?! My golden was bored when the little dogs were on, but liked watching the second night when the bigger dogs were on, haha! That's so great that you get to be a mommy to a super cute golden soon :)