Monday, February 16, 2009

3 Months

I visited my wedding website today and realized I only have 89 days (exactly 3 months today) till our wedding! I'm sure the last 3 months are going to fly by. I have most of my big tasks finished, but I do have a lot of small details left I need to tackle.

I ordered personalized cocktail napkins last night from the website For Your Party. My sister-in-law, Michelle, ordered her napkins for their wedding from this website and they turned out so cute. They have really reasonable prices. I ordered three different styles; here is one of them:

Our new monogram of course! It'll be the first time we get to use it! The other 2 styles are green :)

I need to finish my bridesmaids gifts in the next couple weeks, so I can have that out of the way. Does anyone have any good gift ideas for parents? I'm having a hard time with that one! They've done so much for us that I want to make sure it's something really wonderful and meaningful. I also need to figure out what exactly to put in our Out of Town gift boxes.

One of the biggest wedding tasks I have left to do is to create our programs for the ceremony. I have no idea how to plan a ceremony! This just seems so daunting to me. I have to pick the music, the order of everything, the scripture we want to be read...I just don't know where to get started! Did anyone else feel overwhelmed with this part of the wedding?

Any ideas and/or feedback for any of these topics are greatly appreciated! Have a great Monday!


  1. I have yet to attack any of these tasks (my wedding is still 242 days away) so I don't feel the same overwhelming stress that you may feel - HOWEVER, thinking about it makes me worried! What did you get your bridesmaids?

  2. I have seen the Caspari napkins like this before and they are darling! I am so glad you ordered both pink and green with the new monogram- cute

  3. I got my mom really nice jewelry to wear on the wedding day, something she will have forever.
    the programs I got help from the church, is yours outside?

  4. the napkins are very cute! sounds like you have everything pretty much under control ; ) good for you! i would think the officiant would have some guidelines for the ceremony...

  5. Prissy Missy, I will email you my program template if you want, that way you can have a better visual.

  6. I love those napkins ... i am going to have to check out that website because, i have yet to order mine!

    I think we are getting our parents an album book with pictures from our wedding.

    Also, I have yet to plan our ceremony either. Maybe because i haven't found an officiant yet?!?! I really need to get on that ... I am so behind!

  7. Also, how many napkins are you ordering and how many guests do you have? I don't know how many to order?

  8. Where are you ordering your coozies from, might I ask? I hope it's a website and I can get mine from there as well :)