Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random Thoughts

Here's what's going on with me today!
  • Michael got offered a great new job today! It's just what we've been hoping for, although he'll be very sad to leave his current position. It's such a blessing for him to find this perfect job during this economy!
  • I got my hair done tonight - not quite as exciting as Michael's job, but good nonetheless. Just a trim and highlight touch-ups. I'm growing my hair out for the wedding!
  • My personalized napkins arrived from For Your Party. They are so CUTE! I want to order more, just because it was so fun (even though I don't need more personalized napkins).
  • I found super cute and affordable bridesmaid's shoes today (we're talking under $30 here people)...I ordered a pair to see how they look in person. Fingers crossed!
  • My friend, Mrs. Southern Belle, has gotten me interested in One Tree Hill. The last thing I need is another TV show!!
  • I'm going for my wedding cake tasting/consultation on Tuesday and I can't WAIT!
  • I need some good ideas for hostess gifts for my next shower in a few weeks. Any ideas?
  • I really want a new handbag.
Sorry, that's all I got tonight! Have a great Wednesday night!


  1. Congrats on his new job...and I really want a new handbag too!

  2. you will LOVE me =)

  3. awesome news about the job!!
    Love personalized napkins
    love getting my hair done : )
    and I need a new handbag too : )

  4. my go-to hostess gift is to go to crate and barrel or williams sonoma and get a cookbook and a small, but cute kitchen item(s) that corresponds with the cook book, put it in a nice bag or tie the book and the item up with a thick ribbon and your a done! the latest one that i did was at crate and barrel, i got a book on cobblers and then got four little ramekins to make individual cobblers in. the choices and combos are endless! and you can usually do it for around $20-30, depending on the book you choose.