Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wedding Flowers

Flowers are always one of the things I notice most at a wedding. I've always loved flowers and I think they can make such a large impact on the whole feel of a wedding. I knew I wanted pink and green as my wedding colors, and as soon as I decided on pink, I knew I would definitely be using some peonies! They're such a traditional and beautiful flower for weddings. Nothing says spring wedding to me like them.
I saw this picture in the Knot Wedding Magazine last spring (right after I got engaged). I LOVE this bouquet! I love the mix of bright and link pink peonies, with the green hydrangea accents. I also love the little snapdragons that add the little hint of white for the bridal bouquet. I gave this picture to my florist and I'm planning on having a smaller version of this for my bouquet. My bridesmaids will carry a smaller version of mine, but without the white accents. I hope it turns out as beautiful as this bouquet!

I also love this simple bouquet. I love how large the peonies are in this one.

And of course, the all light pink peonies look beautiful against the wedding gown here.

Unfortunately, I don't have any inspiration pictures for my centerpieces. It's all in my head! My centerpieces are supposed to be a low, round bowl with full limes in the bottom. The flowers will be the peonies and hydrangea mix. I'm doing a sit-down dinner, so I did not want the centerpieces to be so large that my guests wouldn't be able to talk over them.

Please tell me what you think!


  1. beautiful!!! i carried pink peonies, too, and loved it. i used all peonies though. and so funny... my centerpiece inspiration was all in my head, too. i never found a picture of exactly what i wanted! made me want to be a floral designer! :)

  2. So pretty, your wedding is going to be amazing

  3. i love the idea of the limes in the bowl! so cute!

  4. I'll tell you what - I had peonies for my wedding too - I adore them. But they were out of season in March so we had to have them flown in from Egypt (I know right? I sound rich - I'm not, just well-connected in the area of flowers) So I hope you're not getting married in march! :-) but pink and green were my colors and they were just beautiful - your wedding will be gorgeous!

  5. peonies are amazing! I had them in my bouquet and in my arrangements at the wedding! They are just the most beautiful flowers!