Monday, March 2, 2009

Day off tomorrow!

I have the day off from work tomorrow, so that I can get some wedding related stuff done. I'm so excited...nothing is better than a random day off work! :) Here is what's on the schedule:
  • Sleep in (one of my favorite past-times)
  • Work out
  • Take my car to get washed (it's been MONTHS, people!)
  • Go out to lunch with my Mom at my favorite restaurant, Le Cafe Crepe
  • Wedding cake tasting/consultation!!
  • Look at possible program design options for the wedding ceremony
  • Stop by Michael's (the store, not my fiance) to pick up some crafting supplies
I'm so excited to have a day to get some things accomplished! Have I mentioned I love lists?

P.S.: I completely cleaned out the rest of my room (including closet) yesterday. I'm talking cleaned and completely organized my closet, desk, bedside table, and dressers. It feels so good to have everything all organized when I open my closet!


  1. I feel so good after a good cleaning:) Hope the day went well!!!

  2. You are lucky you arent working... who am I supposed to email with today!? Save me some cake!! =)

  3. Isn't that the best feeling in the world! I am starting the spring cleaning organizing that i do every year (twice a year). I pick one thing each day to organize.

  4. Totally jealous of your day off! I am a list freak and have them everywhere - in my purse, on my work desk, on the table at home, on my fridge. I am a little obsessed...they are great though, and make me feel organized! There is nothing better than crossing off the last item on a list of things to do!