Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shower Recap!

I had the most wonderful shower this morning! My mom's friends threw me an amazing brunch shower - complete with lots of mimosas! They really went all out. The food was amazing, the flowers were beautiful, and they used all their crystal and silver to serve everything! It was so wonderful. I also got so many wonderful gifts - I feel so spoiled! Here are some pictures of the shower (warning: there are a lot...)

Mom and me before the shower:

Hostess Gifts:

All the delicious food:

Beautiful flowers (one of my Mom's friends MADE this arrangement):

Mimosas (essential):

My aunt, Dianne, and me

Opening gifts:

My grandmother, Mimi, and me:

My sister-in-law, Michelle, and me:

The shower was so perfect - thank you again to all the lovely ladies who went to all the effort for me. It was amazing!


  1. I love southern pris showers. Southern women sure do know how to throw a prim-n-proper shower!

    Love your dress! Very Jackie-O!

  2. I agree with Miss Polka Dotted Owl, what a beautiful shower! I love your dress as well. Thanks for sharing the pictures :)

  3. cute dress! i'm wearing mine on easter i think!

  4. what a nice shower! love your dress!

  5. beautiful shower and you looked adorable!