Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cute invitations!

I've had so many adorable invitations lately, I just wanted to share some of them with you. I absolutely adore stationery, especially invitations. In fact, I sort of consider myself an invitation snob :)

How cute is this one? It's for the Bridal Brunch Shower my Mom's friends are hosting for me in a few weeks.

Here is my Bachelorette Weekend invitation! I can't wait - it's only four weeks away. Alyssa did an awesome job picking out an adorable invitation for the occasion!

My wedding invitations are finished being addressed. I'm planning on sending them out in 2 weeks. They are very traditional, but very beautiful. I'll share a picture of them when we send them out!


  1. love them:) Kinda just want to get married, so I can have those invitations!!!

    Can't wait to see your wedding invitations!!

  2. Very cute! Cant wait to pick mine out one day!

  3. The invites are beautiful. I'm going to frame our envelope the calligraphy is so pretty.