Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My wedding invitations finally went out today! We had a difficult time figuring out the exact postage and finding a place that would hand-cancel them, but we did. I'm really glad they are out - it makes it seem so much more real! We invited just over 200 guests - lots of stamps!

I really wanted to share all my photos of my invitations and the beautiful calligraphy, but my paranoia won out...I am not savvy enough to blur out my personal information and I definitely do not want it all over the internet! Here's a dorky picture of me after I finished stamping ALL the invitations.

Editor's Note: My wonderful friend Mrs. Southern Belle is blurring out my personal info so that I can share my actual invitations on here! I'll have them up tomorrow!

I cannot WAIT to start checking the mailbox in a few days for the first of our response cards!


  1. Aww yay, I'm sure they are beautiful! And 200 guests? That's gonna be one classy afair!

  2. I CANT wait to see them!

    I left you something on my blog!

  3. haah i took pictures of myself doing invites too : ) cant wait to see them

  4. getting the responses back is super fun, one of my favorite parts :) congrats!