Friday, March 6, 2009

Cake Tasting

Tuesday, I had my wedding cake consultation. It was so fun designing our wedding cake and Michael's groom's cake! There were so many cakes flavors/fillings to choose from, I had to narrow it down Tuesday and my mom picked up my sample cakes yesterday. Last night we had a little cake tasting party! There was so much cake - a few friends came over and we barely made a dent in them. I had no idea we'd get so much to sample! Here are a few pictures:

I had 4 cakes to try. From left to right, pound cake with cream cheese frosting; double chocolate fudge; vanilla cake with butter cream frosting; and strawberry cake.

One more of them all lined up. It was basically 4 entire cakes!

We had some champagne to go with our cake :)
Max was trying to get in on the action, of course!
I'm definitely going with the pound cake/cream cheese frosting combination for my cake! It was AMAZING. I've always been a plain cake girl. In fact, the cake lady had to convince me to try the strawberry cake (even though I knew I'd get something plain)! Michael's cake will be the double chocolate fudge. I will be having leftovers all weekend!


  1. Yum, your choice cake sounds so good!

  2. YUM! What a fun way to spend and afternoon. I adore sweets, but cakes and cupcakes are towards the top of my list. I am glad you figured out what you all are ordering, now you just have to pick the decoations. What are you thinking?