Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wedding Recap: Bridesmaid Luncheon

My bridesmaid's luncheon was absolutely FABULOUS! My Mom's best friend, Angie, hosted the luncheon at her mother's beautiful home. They definitely went all-out. They had beautiful table settings, beautiful flowers, delicious food, and of course, mimosas!

My Mom and I:
Alyssa, my MOH, and I:
Beautiful table settings:
Little personalized boxes for the bridesmaids that had their earrings for the wedding:
Beautiful flower arrangements:
My gifts for the bridesmaids, my family, and the hostesses:
More gifts!
My bridesmaids and I after they opened their gifts:My charm cake, which I absolutely LOVED. It was pound cake with cream cheese frosting:
The girls pulling out their charms:
Everyone holding up their charms:
I absolutely LOVED picking out gifts for my bridesmaids. I made (with the help of Mrs. Southern Belle) crystal pearl drop earrings for them to wear in the wedding. I also got them personalized Land's End tote bags (my favorite), personalized beach towels, tervis tumblers, flip-flops for the reception, and I also got their wedding shoes. My Mother-in-law got all the bridesmaids (and me!) personalized waffle spa robes to wear while we got ready on Saturday. I LOVE mine and I hope the girls loved theirs also.
I gave my Mom, my MIL, my Grandma, my Aunt, and my SIL's mom monogrammed hankies for the wedding. I also gave my Mom, MIL, and Grandma engraved silver frames. I really loved picking out the gifts for everyone.
The bridesmaid's luncheon was so fun; I did not want to leave! Thank you Angie for the wonderful luncheon. Every detail was absolutely perfect!


  1. You forgot to mention the AWESOME jack rogers you got me! ;) I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE them!

  2. Your luncheon looks amazing! Congratulations. xoxo

  3. love everything the gifts sound amazing!

  4. It sounds like it was wonderful and you did a great job on the gifts! Your ladies must have been pleased. I love your cake too :)

  5. wow you were generous and creative! :-) the perfect bride!

  6. What a beautiful shower and terrific gifts!! Question though... and if you could comment on my page or something about it because I am super curious... what is a charm cake?!?!?!

  7. such great pictures! That cake looks amazing! You got them great gifts too...creative!

  8. looks amazing! and such cute gifts!!