Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wedding Recap: Sip 'n' See

I'm back again! I have been so busy since we arrived home from our honeymoon. I have had to move, unpack, and set-up our new home together. Married life has been wonderful!

Since I have SO many pictures from our wedding weekend, I thought I would split up the posts into the different events we had during the weekend. Thursday night, my Mom hosted a Sip 'n' See at my parents house. My mom grew up attending Sip 'n' See's in the South, so she really wanted me to have one. Basically, the ladies dropped by to see the wedding gifts (specifically the china patterns) and enjoy champagne & appetizers. It was a fabulous way to kick-off the wedding weekend! I loved getting to see our friends and family that were just arriving for the weekend.

Me, Dad, and Mom:
My lovely friends:
Alison and me:Michael even dropped by once he got into town:
That's it for now...I'll be back tomorrow with the bridesmaid luncheon re-cap!


  1. what a fun idea! you looked beautiful!

  2. I think I took the pic of you and Mike!? Who's to say after a couple of glasses of champagne punch!?

  3. Oh, that's too cute!!! Love that idea!

  4. congrats! i hope your day was absolutely perfect. i cant wait to see pictures.

  5. yall are such a cute married couple!