Friday, June 5, 2009

Wedding Recap: Rehearsal Dinner

I am SO sorry that I have been so absent this week....I kept putting off blogging because I don't have very many pictures from the rehearsal dinner, sadly.

Our rehearsal dinner was absolutely wonderful. Michael's parents did such a wonderful job planning the event, and even though it rained, everything was still perfect. The dinner was held on the terrace overlooking the golf course, which was so beautiful. Michael's mom really went all out with beautiful flowers, adorable menu cards, cute place cards, etc. The food was delicious...we had passed appetizers then a seated dinner. The menu was a Caesar salad, Filet Mignon with Parmesan risotto and vegetables, and a Chocolate Souffle for dessert.

About 45 minutes into the cocktail hour, we started hearing thunder and knew we'd have to move inside. BUT, we did get the most amazing picture with a rainbow in the background before we had to move inside.

We had wonderful toasts from our friends and family, which were all so special. We also had an amazing slideshow that had been Michael's special project for the past month. I absolutely LOVED was so sweet. Here are some pictures...

Michael and I, with the rainbow:
Mrs. Southern Belle and I:

Some of my beautiful bridesmaids:

Michael and I:

Tara and the flowers:

My Mom and I:

Michelle and Mrs. Southern Belle:

The rain :( But it was still beautiful!

A few of y'all asked where I got my's Shoshanna, one of my favorites! Up next, getting ready for the wedding!


  1. that is such a great picture with the rainbow in the background! gorgeous!

  2. love the rainbow picture! glad the rain didn't ruin your dinner!

  3. gorgeous pics! and how lucky that you had a rainbow! that dress looks soo beautiful on you!

  4. Your Back! I was affraid married life was to much for you.

  5. Could that rainbow have been anymore perfect?! Beautiful :-)

  6. What a special evening with a fantastic menu! The night sounds so memorable. You must tell us more about the special project slideshow!

  7. Love the pics! The rainbow was perfect and everything was gorgeous!