Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wedding Recap: Wedding Ceremony

Our wedding ceremony was absolutely perfect. It has been sort of rainy all day, but right before the ceremony, the clouds opened up and it was so sunny and beautiful! Our minister was Michael's childhood pastor and he was AMAZING. He really made our ceremony more personal and meaningful for us.

The ceremony was very simple and classic. It was held in the perennial garden at the house, so we did not need too many flowers. We had flowers on the gates to enter the garden, flowers on the aisles of chairs, and rose petals on the side of the aisle, but that was it! I wish I had pictures of all of our details already. We handed out little personalized bottles of water when the guests were arriving, along with the programs. Hopefully, once I get my pro pictures back, I can post pictures of all of the details. Here are some pictures:

Me before the ceremony...The old house was great for pictures:
My brothers and I:
My family and I:
My brothers and I again:
My brothers:
Lindsey creepily peeking out of the flowers:
Waiting for me to come down the aisle:
My Dad and I walking down the aisle...it went by so fast!
Getting married!
My lovely bridesmaids:
The wedding party after the ceremony:


  1. gorgeous! love love your dress

  2. stunning! Looks like it was a perfect wedding ceremony from the pics!

  3. You were SUCH a gorgeous bride. I actually got teary eyed... and we both know I dont cry!

  4. I love your dress!!! It is just beatiful Missy. The entire event looks lovely. Everyone is so happy and excited!

  5. I just came across your blog from PIP Megan's blog. I'm a "Missy" as well, and I also love pink and green and preppy. :-) Anyway, you were a beautiful bride. Your flowers were AMAZING and your dress is one of the most beautiful gowns I've ever seen!

  6. Your wedding was beautiful! :-) I love it!

  7. OBSESSED with those bridesmaids dresses!! Who are they by??

  8. The dress is gorgeous!! You look so beautiful! Congratulations :)