Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yummy Dinners

Michael and I do a LOT of cooking now that we're married. We both love cooking and it's definitely cheaper than going out to dinner. We have had so much fun trying new recipes every night!

Tuesday was our "1 month" anniversary...cheesy, yes. But we wanted to eat the top layer of our wedding cake at 1 month rather than 1 year, because 1 year just sketches me out. Anyways, we cooked a big dinner Tuesday night, drank champagne, ate wedding cake, and watched our DVD from our wedding. It was so nice!

Michael cooked pan-seared steaks and I made couscous with fresh tomatoes, garlic, feta cheese and parsley. We also steamed some broccoli, but that wasn't quite as exciting:
Last night was Michael's mom's birthday, so we had his whole family over for our first dinner party! I cooked all day was so fun! I cooked stuffed mushrooms for our appetizer, which is always a hit. For the main course, we had fresh salad, chicken piccata, mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, and biscuit poppers. I made a Key Lime pie for dessert! I think everyone liked the meal...I hope they did at least, since I cooked everything from scratch!
Dinner on the table!
And I just had to include a picture of Bailey!

We have so much leftovers! Have a great day!


  1. dang girl, that's a lot of cooking!! everything sounds yummy =)

  2. Both of your dinners sound delicious, especially steak and couscous. I am not looking forward to eating the cake for our 1-year anniversary. I really like the 1-month idea!

    Bailey is so cute :)

  3. You can come cook for me anytime you want missy!