Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am obsessed with area rugs. I definitely think they MAKE a room. However, Michael and I STILL do not have an area rug for our living room or our dining room. Our house is all hardwoods, so we definitely need a good one and soon. What do you think of these guys?

Pottery Barn Bridget Rug
Dash and Albert Plain Tin Wool Micro Hooked Rug

Target Pale Topaz Antique Rug (this one would be for our dining room)
Obviously, I lean towards a more contemporary look. I cannot stand oriental rugs! I want something that looks really fresh and clean, rather then an antique, if that makes sense. Please share with me where you got your area rugs and what you think of these options!


  1. I love the second and the third. I'm like you with the contemporary and I like neutral colors too! :)

  2. I am a big fan of the second one- tres chic!

  3. I like the second two. I wish I would have went with something more contemporary when I bought my rug. Now Im stuck with it!

  4. They're all pretty, but I really love the Pale Topaz Antique one. Gorgeous!

  5. thanks for sharing these! i love the second one...i've been looking at rugs (that aren't like $1,200) and these are great options!