Monday, July 13, 2009

Poor Bailey!

Our poor little puppy got bitten by a spider last week! We took him to the animal hospital pretty quickly, so he's fine, but he can't stop licking his wound. The vet put this cone on his head today...he looks so pitiful! I must say, if I didn't feel so bad for him, I would think it looked pretty funny:

Bailey and Michael:
Hopefully he will only need it a couple of days...poor guy!


  1. Aww I always hate when dogs have to wear cones on their head even though I know it helps them...I hope he feels better!

  2. Bailey is your Dog.

  3. Awww poor baby, it's heart breaking for him to have to wear that, but look at his face! Such a happy disposition no matter what - I wish we could have the emotions of a dog - happy no matter what goes wrong! :-)

  4. "Bailey is your Dog" ???? Im guessing thats Chris being weird again!?