Saturday, April 11, 2009

Move-in Day!

I've been moving since 8:00 this morning and I am SO was so worth it though, our house is starting to look put together! Here are some pictures of our new home...keep in mind this is one day of moving, so hopefully there will be a lot more personalization to come!

Michael on the front porch. His mom was so sweet to bring us our first pot of flowers!
Our living room...I'm not crazy about the chair in the corner. Any ideas?
My dad sitting in our living room!
Living Room and Dining Room:
Dining Room:
Our bedroom (we need window treatments ASAP!):
Another view of our room:
Other side of our room:

We definitely need a bit more furniture. We're waiting on a buffet that matches our dining room table to arrive. We also need our guest room furniture...that room is filled with boxes right now! Any suggestions are very welcome :)

I was so sad to leave the house this afternoon...I wanted to just stay there! I can't wait to live there as a married couple. But, I am really looking forward to spending the next month with my parents before the wedding. Have a great Easter!


  1. SO SO SO CUTE! I love the dining room table in there, it fits perfectly! Im going to miss you! =,(

  2. Adorable home! I feel your pain where moving is involved.

  3. Your home is lovely, so much character!

  4. Congrats on your new home!! Very exciting and just what you've done so far looks amazing!

  5. I love your house! :-) So cute!!!

  6. I can wait to see the basement

  7. Your new house looks beautiful! So happy for you guys!