Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tara's Wedding!

I spent an amazing weekend in Greenville, this past weekend, for one of my very best friend's wedding! Tara and I were college roommates at Furman and it was SO fun to go back to Greenville for her wedding! Picture overload ahead...

We got a sneak peek at all the flowers on Thursday night...they were breathtaking!
Tara and I at her bridesmaid's luncheon. The weather was beautiful all weekend:
The rehearsal dinner. AMAZING:
Kaci, Tara and I after the brunch the morning of her wedding!
The most stunning bride! Her flowers were absolutely gorgeous...
Our bride on the trolley ride to the ceremony: Bridesmaids before the wedding. How flattering were our bridesmaids' dresses?!
Furman girls at the reception:
My parents attended, which was so much fun:
Apparently I did not take one picture with my husband at the wedding. Ooops. He was there, I promise! Proof below:
I'm so jealous of Tara's honeymoon right now. I want another one!


  1. She looked so beautiful, just glowing!

  2. great pictures Missy!! I miss you, you look so pretty.

  3. gorgeous, fun pics! thanks for sharing :)