Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Decorating

I absolutely LOVE Christmas! We decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving so we can enjoy our decorations as long as possible. We haven't done too much to our house since I last posted, but we have added crown moulding to the main rooms. I think it was a much-needed addition!

Our living room/dining room ready for Christmas!

We have a real tree in the living room and a fake tree in the dining room.

Bailey's stocking is front and center, of course:
Bailey's not quite sure of the Christmas tree, especially since it meant his chair got the boot: Merry Christmas!


  1. TWO POSTS IN ONE WEEK!? AHHHHH!!!!! Your house looks cute as always. I also LOVE the invites framed in your dining room. Great idea! Welcome back! Missed you, see you Tuesday!

  2. The house looks adorable, wish we could have made it up there to see it in person. Also, I am excited to see you back into blogging!