Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Porch Furniture

We are finally finished with the front exterior of our house! It's taken about 8 months, but we are finally satisfied with how everything looks. We bought some new porch furniture a few weeks ago, which was the final touch.

New chairs and table:
We also got a new address plaque (which has been blurred, of course), and Michael painted our light fixture black:

If it weren't so dang hot, we would probably be spending a lot of time out here!
To recap, since November, we have landscaped the yard, painted the house, added a new porch swing and furniture, and added accessories. I think we're going to relax for a while!


  1. It's lovely! I so wish we had a front porch!

  2. I want to come sit on your porch with wine! Dang it for being so far away!!!

  3. I love the porch! Where is the furniture from, its great.