Thursday, January 29, 2009

My favorite shoes!

Since I love shopping, especially shoes, I thought I'd do a post of my favorite shoes in my closet right now!
Lilly Pulitzer Riding Boots - I wear these all the time over my skinny jeans.

Kate Spade Cybil heels - I got these 30% off over Christmas and I adore them.

Jack Rogers Navajo in ANY color - I have 6 pairs (embarassing) of these in different colors. They're perfect for warm weather!

Tory Burch Revas - so I know these are a little overdone (and maybe on the way out), but I have had my brown pair for 1.5 years and I STILL love them. They're about worn out, but I have back-ups in green and orange, don't you worry.

That's it for now (it's taking me too long to upload). Some of my favorites are my cheap Target shoes, but I can't find any pictures sadly.

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